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              Jiangsu Zhichao New Material Technology Co., Ltd

              Tongshan chaote non ferrous metal additive factory

              About us

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              Xuzhou Jinlong aluminum industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, formerly known as Tongshan super special non ferrous metal additive factory. It was founded in 1990. In the early stage, it mainly produces and sells various non-ferrous metal additives, fluxes and refining agents. In 2009, it began to establish strategic cooperation with Central South University, China University of mining and other universities, and jointly develop, manufacture and sell aluminum base with the help of University's advantageous resources Intermediate products realize the upgrading and transformation of the company. So far, six series and more than 80 models have been formed, and the annual output of 6000 tons series alloy products has been achieved. Widely used in: automobile, electronics, rail transit, telecommunications, cable, aviation, aerospace and many other fields, exported to the Middle East, Europe, South America, North America, South Asia, Russia and other countries and regions.

              The company has 15 professional and technical personnel with college degree or above, 6 senior professors and 3 senior engineers employed in key universities. And has inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer, high and low power metallographic microscope, grating analyzer, electronic spectrophotometer and other advanced detection equipment. Strong technical force.