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              Jiangsu Zhichao New Material Technology Co., Ltd

              Tongshan chaote non ferrous metal additive factory

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              ◆ responsibility: responsibility is the foundation of business. The main difference between modern enterprises and traditional businessmen is whether they can take the initiative to bear the responsibility to customers, employees and society, which is also the main reason why modern enterprises can play a greater social role. Responsibility creates opportunities and makes a career, while profit is only the natural result of responsibility.

              Integrity: integrity is the foundation of life. Honesty is the basic premise of the normal operation of market economy, and also a basic requirement of modern enterprises. Modern enterprises are not traditional businesses that can be stopped at any time. A large number of investment and a large number of employees require modern enterprises to survive continuously, and to survive continuously must have credibility, or there will be no way to live.

              Win win: win win is the bond of cooperation. Internal employees, external partners, customers and the society are willing to cooperate because cooperation can bring benefits to all people and make all people involved in the cooperation better than before. If any partner cannot benefit from cooperation, the cooperation will not continue to exist.