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              How to use metal additives? Instructions

              • 2019-10-18
              • 768

              Metal additive is a new product which can replace aluminum master alloy. It is made of pure metal powder and flux with certain characteristics, which are uniformly mixed in a certain proportion and then pressed into a block.

              It can simplify the melting process of aluminum alloy, save energy and raw materials, reduce production cost, control alloy composition accurately and improve product quality. The metal additive also has the characteristics of high metal content, small volume, convenient storage, transportation and use.

              Instructions for use of metal additives

              Remove the scum on the surface of the molten pool, put the additive evenly into the molten pool at the normal operating temperature (i.e. 700-760 ℃), and then leave it for 10-20 minutes. In order to make the distribution of metal additives uniform and complete recovery, the bath should be fully stirred for 7-15 minutes after standing, and then the dross should be removed for sampling and chemical composition analysis.