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              Jiangsu Zhichao New Material Technology Co., Ltd

              Tongshan chaote non ferrous metal additive factory


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              Service is the extension of product quality, the cornerstone of the brand and the driving force of development. As always, we will provide our customers with sincere and fast service, and create a considerate service for them wholeheartedly.

              In terms of service, the company has established "four professional standards", namely, network specialization, personnel specialization, information processing specialization and service process specialization. Strengthen system management, improve service standards, provide comprehensive and professional expert guidance and services for consumers from pre-sale product understanding, after-sale maintenance, product related knowledge, help customers understand products more comprehensively, and become product experts trusted by consumers.

              Cultural concept

              Service concept: all for customers, create customer value;

              Service objectives: exceed customer expectations and industry standards;

              Service style: first, move customers;

              Action plan: higher, faster and stronger.

              Code of conduct

              Principle 1: customers are always right;

              Principle 2: if not, please follow principle 1;

              Principle 3: just one phone call and I'll do the rest.